The wide range of events in the Kunstmuseum Basel links art – primarily the exhibitions and collection of the Kunstmuseum Basel – with a wide variety of cultural manifestations. New event productions in close collaboration with artists as well as collaborations with partner institutions that build bridges to theatre, music or film make the Kunstmuseum Basel a venue for cross-disciplinary events.

Our programmes are located at the interface of art, cultural history and public discourses and focus on major historical and social themes. They interweave art with local and global history or phenomena of everyday culture and new technologies. The broad spectrum of discussions and symposia on art, events on special aesthetic themes or pressing contemporary issues, concerts and sound experiments, performances, plays and scenic tours, interdisciplinary research workshops, film evenings or excursions outside the Kunstmuseum Basel offer the public various opportunities to experience art.

Whether practical exercises or theoretical reflection, whether contemplative moments or spectacular experiences, whether focused encounters with individual works or deep cultural-historical drillings – the programmes offer ongoing opportunities for every age and interest group to make a visit to the Kunstmuseum Basel unforgettable.



Daniel Kurjakovic, Curator

Daniela Niederfeld-Sutter, Administration


Art Education

Annelise Scheuren
Head of Art Education

Hanna Banholzer
Researcher Art Education