Dear visitors,

Welcome to the museum. We wish you a pleasant visit.
The house rules serve to make your visit to our museum as pleasant as possible and are obligatory for all guests. Upon entering the museum building, you acknowledge our regulations and all other arrangements made to maintain operational safety. The protection of persons and works of art in the building is our main concern:

  1. There is a general smoking ban throughout the museum.

  2. Children under 12 must be accompanied by an adult. These adults are responsible for the children under their supervision when visiting the exhibition.

  3. Food and drink are not allowed in the museum. Breastfeeding babies is permitted outside of gallery rooms.

  4. In consideration of other museum visitors, please refrain from talking on a mobile phone.

  5. Animals must not be taken into the museum. Guide dogs are an exception.

  6. It is forbidden to touch the works of art. A distance of at least 50 cm must be maintained from the work of art. Failure to do so triggers an alarm.

  7. Coats and jackets must either be worn or left at the cloakroom.

  8. For conservational and safety reasons, it is not permitted to enter the exhibition rooms with bulky, wet or pointed objects, such as umbrellas, rain gear, walking aids, large bags or luggage. Bags up to DIN A4 size (about 20 x 30 cm) may be brought inside. In the case of doubt, the decision lies with the staff.

  9. Please use our cloakroom and lockers. We accept no liability for the cloakroom or lockers. Lost property will be deposited at the information desk in the entrance hall in the Hauptbau (main building).

  10. Visitors are liable for the damage caused.

  11. Taking pictures without a flash, tripod or selfie stick is permitted for private purposes (exceptions are indicated). Large camera bags and interchangeable lenses must be deposited in the lockers. In the case of doubt, the decision lies with the staff. Professional photography and filming require the approval of the Marketing and Communications Department.

  12. In the course of our openings and events, photographs and videos are produced. These are published, among other places, on the Kunstmuseum Basel website and social media channels (Facebook, Instagram, etc.), as well as on third-party media. By participating in the openings and events and entering the Kunstmuseum Basel premises, the persons present grant their consent to free publication, without the need for an express declaration on the part of the persons concerned.

  13. The museum's audio guides and group guidance systems may not be removed from the premises.

  14. Tour groups operated by third parties are subject to a fee and will be checked. Group tours can be booked on +41 (0) 61 206 63 00 or at [email protected].

  15. In the event of a theft alarm going off, the museum is entitled to close all exits except the main exit in order to check persons.

  16. For security reasons, the exhibition rooms are under video surveillance.

  17. If there are too many visitors or if there any other special reasons exist, the museum may be completely or partially closed to visitors.

  18. Prams are unsuitable, depending on the flow of visitors. Buggies can be borrowed free of charge at the cloakroom. Baby slings are permitted only if worn on the front of the body.

  19. The instructions of supervisory staff must be obeyed. Should the house rules or staff instructions be repeatedly violated, future access to the museum may be barred.

  20. Group leaders, teachers, school class supervisors: Please follow the museum guide to proper behavior with supplementary information for groups and school classes.

The Museum Management
Basel, December 2021