Dear Visitors

We welcome you to the Kunstmuseum Basel, and hope you will enjoy your time here. The Rules for Visitors are intended to make your visit to our museum as pleasant as possible. They apply to all our guests. By entering the museum building, you agree to our rules, as well as all other instructions implemented to maintain the security of our operations.

Our highest priority is to protect the persons and artworks in our building:

  1. Smoking is prohibited throughout the museum. Outside of the museum, use the ashtrays that have been provided.

  2. Children under 16 must be accompanied by an adult. Adults are responsible for the children under their supervision.

  3. Eating or drinking is forbidden in the exhibition spaces.

  4. It is forbidden to make phone calls in the exhibition spaces.

  5. With the exception of seeing-eye dogs, animals may not be brought into the museum.

  6. Museum furnishings are to be handled with care.

  7. Touching the artworks is prohibited. Keep a safe distance—at least 50 cm—between yourself and the artwork. If you come within 50 cm of the artwork, an alarm will be set off.

  8. Coats and jackets must either be worn at all times or else left in the coat check.

  9. For conservation and safety reasons, it is not permitted to enter the exhibition spaces with large, wet, or pointy objects, such as umbrellas, rain gear, walkers, backpacks, or bags larger than DIN A4 (25 x 35 cm). In case of doubt, the staff on duty will decide.

  10. Please use our coat check / lockers. The museum is not liable for objects left in the coat check or lockers. Lost and found objects will be left at the info desk in the entry hall.

  11. Visitors are to refrain from any activities detrimental to safety and decorum in the museum. Visitors are liable for damages they cause.

  12. Photography for personal use is permitted with mobile phones and compact cameras. Use of a flash, tripod, or selfie stick is prohibited. Exceptions are posted where applicable. Professional photography and video recording requires prior permission from the management.

  13. Visitors may not exit the building with the audio guides or guided tour systems that we provide.

  14. There are exclusively guided tours organized by the Kunstmuseum itself are allowed. Please book your guided tour here: tours‎@‎ or via 0041 (0)61 206 63 00

  15. In the event of a burglar alarm, the museum directors may lock all exits except for the main exit, in order to conduct a security check.

  16. For security reasons, the exhibition spaces are under video surveillance.

  17. In the event of too large a crowd, or for other particular reasons, the museum may be closed to visitors, either partially or entirely.

  18. Depending on crowd conditions, children’s strollers may not be appropriate. Only frontal infant carriers are permitted.

  19. Instructions of the museum staff are to be followed at all times. If rules or instructions of the staff are repeatedly broken, subsequent museum visits can be forbidden.

  20. Group leaders, teachers, class chaperones: please observe the additional guidelines!

The rules for visitors can be obtained at the ticket counter, in the shop and at the coat check.

Basel, 17.06.2009