The Kunstmuseum Basel lends artworks from its collections for temporary exhibitions to cultural institutions worldwide. The number and volume of requests we receive unfortunately do not allow us to approve every request. In any case we will carefully consider your request and thank you for your interest in our collection.

Criteria that are taken into account during an examination:

  • concept of the exhibition
  • reasons why the requested object is important for the exhibition
  • conservation and safety conditions at the exhibition site
  • condition of the object in terms of conservation and suitability for travel
  • own exhibitions or reservations for other projects
  • lending restrictions due to existing agreements with donors, lenders, etc.

Exhibition venues
Works cannot be lent to commercial galleries, businesses, offices, private homes.

Loan requests must be received by the Kunstmuseum Basel at least nine months prior to the opening of the exhibition.

Preparation fee
For approved loans, a preparation fee is charged that is based on the number of requested objects and the number of venues on an exhibition tour and covers the administrative costs of processing the request and a conservational appraisal of the works.

In addition to the preparation fee the actual costs incurred will be charged including but not limited to

  • packing/crating
  • transportation
  • courier accompaniment
  • insurance
  • specific costs for conservation preparation: framing, glazing, mounting, treatment, additional work specific measures, etc.

Detailed information concerning the object will be supplied after the loan was approved.

The fee for a loan already approved in writing by the Kunstmuseum Basel and cancelled by the requesting institution is CHF 250.00, not including the costs already incurred for the preparation of the loan.

Loan agreement and insurance
A work may leave the museum only after the parties involved have signed a written agreement setting forth the terms of the loan and once appropriate insurance coverage is in place for the object during transit and the entire loan period.

It may be helpful to discuss a possible loan with the curator responsible for that part of the collection you wish to borrow from.

Loan requests should be addressed to Elena Filipovic, Director Kunstmuseum Basel and sent to the following address: [email protected]

Loan requests may alternatively be submitted by mail to:

Kunstmuseum Basel
Elena Filipovic, Director
St. Alban-Graben 8
CH-4010 Basel

[email protected]

For a smooth and timely processing of your request it must contain the following information:

  • Name of the organiser and signatory of the loan agreement
  • Curator
  • Name and full address of the venue(s)
  • Title and dates
  • Contact for the organisation of the loan
  • Possible further venues
  • Detailed information on required object incl. inventory number; with two-sided works, books etc. information on which side should be exhibited, image
  • Synopsis
  • Facility Report of exhibition venue(s)

Your loan request will be processed as soon as the information required above is complete. The Kunstmuseum's Registrar Office will then confirm receipt of your request and move it to the review stage.

You will receive the official approval or rejection after the end of the examination within the period of nine months at the latest.

If there are any changes to the original request (exhibition title, dates, selection of works or similar) during this period, please send this information directly to the Registrar's Office.


Kunstmuseum Basel
Elena Filipovic, Director
St. Alban-Graben 8
CH-4010 Basel

[email protected]