The Kunstmuseum Basel delights hundreds of thousands of visitors every year with its prestigious collection as well as its internationally regarded special exhibitions.
To assure its continued success, the museum needs the assistance of strong partners! Thanks to your commitment, we are able to present fascinating exhibitions that touch audiences from far beyond our local region. The museum has funding from the canton of Basel-Stadt, but it is thanks to our generous sponsors that we are able to develop events and programs that kindle the love of art within a broad and diverse public.

As a sponsor, you are part of the Kunstmuseum Basel’s vibrant network. We offer you a platform for creative exchanges of ideas with artists, collectors, political and business leaders, the museum team and our visitors. Share your commitment to culture with the public by benefiting from the wide reach of our marketing activities and our international media relations efforts. Take part in exclusive events and get the chance to look behind the scenes again and again. Use our elegant spaces for events.

Whether you decide to support us in the longer term, with a project sponsorship or opt for a donation, a testamentary contribution or a comprehensive partnership – we are looking forward to your call and an initial meeting.

Trustees of the foundation for the Kunstmuseum Basel

  • Christoph Gloor (President)
  • Catherine Hosang-Gobet (Vice President)
  • Martin Böckli
  • Claudio Boller
  • Prof. Dr. Leonhard Burckhardt (President Freunde des Kunstmuseums Basel)
  • Mathis Büttiker
  • Bernhard B. Fischer
  • Ulla Dreyfus-Best
  • Andrea Grisard
  • Tim Kretschmer (Head of Finance and Controlling)
  • Prof. Dr. Felix Uhlmann (President of the art commission)
  • Peter Sutter
  • Dr. Filippo Taddei
  • Stephan Werthmüller

Contact for sponsors and donors

Foundation for the Kunstmuseum Basel
Managing Director
Nathalie Meyer-Beuret
St. Alban-Graben 8
CH-4010 Basel
Tel. +41 61 206 62 49
Fax +41 61 206 62 52