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Gina Folly

Manor Art Prize 2023

GEGENWART / 06.05.–01.10.2023 / Curator: Alice Wilke

Gina Folly has won the Manor Art Prize 2023. Born in Zurich in 1983, and for many years based in Basel, the artist presents a multi-layered oeuvre. In her art practice, she explores the multifaceted relationships between individuals, objects or feelings. Not uncommonly, these objects and relations remain visually imperceptible. Gina Folly is concerned in equal measure with the trivialisation and marginalisation of, for instance, the ideologies, codes, image systems and culturalpolitical structures that affect and control us, both in our private and public lives. For, in being subject to the advertising industry and social-media nexus, our feelings become increasingly susceptible to the logic of capital, and to the concomitant cooling of social intimacy. It is just such phenomena that Folly evokes in her sculptural works as she seeks through the medium of her art to guide viewers to places accessible to critique.
Folly holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts from Zurich University of the Arts (ZHdK). She co-curated the Taylor Macklin art space, likewise in Zurich, in the years 2013–2019.
For the exhibition, scheduled to open in May 2023 at Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart, the artist explores the themes of Being-Used and Being-in-Use. She discusses relational economic systems as well as possibilities for the intergenerational transfer of action and knowledge. The Kunstmuseum Basel is honoured not only to be given the opportunity to showcase Gina Folly’s works, but to prepare and realise the forthcoming exhibition in collaboration with the artist herself