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Reinhard Mucha

GEGENWART / 19.03.–21.08.2016 / Curator: Søren Grammel

Starting in the 1980s, numerous widely regarded exhibitions earned the Düsseldorf-born artist Reinhard Mucha international renown. His show Nordausgang at the Kunsthalle in Basel in 1987 was a groundbreaking achievement. Mucha now ranks among the most important artists of his generation. Works such as Wartesaal, [1997], 1979–1982 and Das Deutschlandgerät, [2002],1990—the artist often revisits and reworks earlier pieces—witness to how he interweaves his role as an artist with contemporary concerns and questions of art history. The exhibition focuses on the Installation Frankfurter Block, [2016] 2014, 2012, an expansive and multifaceted project Mucha did not complete in its present form until two years ago. The ensemble unites twelve works, some of them of considerable complexity, that he originally created between 1981 and 2014.

The exhibition is supported by:

Fonds für künstlerische Aktivitäten im Museum für Gegenwartskunst der Emanuel Hoffmann-Stiftung und der Christoph Merian Stiftung

Foundation for the Kunstmuseum Basel

Freiwilliger Museumsverein Basel