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Pierre Huyghe

The Works of the Collection

GEGENWART / 22.01.–01.05.2011 / Curator: Nikola Dietrich

The films and video installations created by the New York-based artist Pierre Huyghe (*1962 in Paris), explore the tensions between different levels of reality and temporal planes. Huyghe draws on the classical vocabulary of film in order to examine its narrative structures and temporal processes. By directing our attention to the fractures, ellipses, and cuts, he at once demystifies all cinematic illusion, undermining the cinema’s mechanisms of production.

The Museum für Gegenwartskunst is delighted to present this exhibition in two parts featuring three important video by the French artist: Atlantic (1997), L’Ellipse (1998), and This is not a Time for Dreaming (2004). The Öffentliche Kunstsammlung Basel acquired these works between 2004 and 2007, with partial funding support from the Petzold-Müller Foundation.