Unheard of!? A performative exhibition tour «Matisse, Derain and their friends. The Paris Avant-Garde 1904-1908»

with Wiebke Wiesner, Mitarbeiterin Programme/Bildung & Vermittlung

During a performative tour, we take on various roles – commenting, reconstructing and speculating – and broaden perspectives on the apparent and hidden narratives of the exhibition. What attitudes and perspectives are visible in the exhibition space through the texts and objects? What do we know about the authors, models, witnesses, and viewers? Which voices are heard, and which ones are silenced?

All interested individuals who are 16 years of age or older.

Wed 27.9., 18–19.30 h
Wed 25.10., 18–19.30 h
Sat 18.11., 16–17.30 h

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