We would be delighted to take you and your group on a private guided tour, or stage an individually conceived workshop with a creative focus. This way you will be able to enjoy a very special artistic experience together! Our guides take just you round the exhibitions, the main collection, and the Museum’s new extension. You will not only be treated to background information about the relevant works and artists, the building and its architects, the history of art, and the Museum as a whole, but will be also be instructed in how to look at works of art. We offer a tailor-made, rewarding artistic experience. We offer guided tours in German, French, English, Italian, Spanish, Chinese, Uyghur and Russian. There are guided tours with a focus on the following topics (combination possible):
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This exhibition explores the early work of Marc Chagall. His creative breakthrough came at a time when his life was torn between contrasting experiences. Chagall lived in Paris from 1911 until 1914, creating paintings that combined his recollections of Russian provincial life with iconic fragments of the metropolis around him. Reminiscences of Russian folk art make an appearance in his works from the period, as do the most recent stylistic experiments he was exposed to through his life in the center of the artistic avant-garde and his acquaintance with many of the most progressive artists.

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Offer in: German / French / English

Join our architectural specialists on a one-hour tour of the Kunstmuseum Basel new building, designed by Basle architects Christ & Gantenbein Architekten. The extraordinary new build addresses diverse topics in contemporary architecture. Discover all about the outside and interior as well as how the build reflects the urban fabric, and learn about its history and the how the rooms interact with the art. Together we will discuss the characteristics of the new per se and how it relates to the existing buildings.

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