1. There are special Group lockers for coats, bags, rucksacks, etc.

  2. You may not use mobile phones in the Museum, nor may you bring food into the Museum (including chewing gum). Please place all trash in the trashcans.

  3. You must not touch the pictures, sculptures and walls. Please keep a distance of at least 50cm between yourself and the artwork. If you do not, this will trigger an alarm.

  4. The Museum will happily provide folding stools if required. These should be carried over your shoulder. When viewing a picture, the group should huddle as closely together as possible in a semi-circle so that other visitors can easily get past. If another groups is in the room then we would ask you to be considerate toward them and consult the other group leader to make certain neither group impedes the other. In the event of overlap with one of our Guided Tours, please vacate the room for the desired period so that the Kunstmuseum staff can use it.

  5. You may only use pencils to take notes or make sketches. You must not rest your pad against the wall when taking notes.

  6. Teaching staff are responsible for the group and must make certain that it stays together and obeys the safety regulations. If someone
    does not comply with them, the wardens will address the teaching staff member who must make certain the wardens’ instructions are followed. Should visitors deliberately ignore the instructions, our security personnel will accompany them out of the building.

  7. Please heed the general Rules for Visitors.

Thank you for being considerate and understanding. Here’s wishing you an exciting visit to the Museum!