Here you will find current information for your reporting. Media releases as well as images of exhibitions, collections and projects of the Kunstmuseum can be downloaded online. For additional information or interview requests, please contact us personally.

Karen N. Gerig
Head of Press & Communication
[email protected]
+41 61 206 62 80

Christian Selz
Marketing, Advertisements
[email protected]
+41 61 206 62 06

Ana Brankovic
Digitale Kommunikation
[email protected]
+41 61 206 63 53

We will inform you in good time about upcoming exhibitions, projects, events and press dates.

Media Kit

Picasso – El Greco

Media Kit

Heute Nacht geträumt

An exhibition by Ruth Buchanan

Media Kit

Brice Marden

Inner Space

Media Kit

Making the World

Spiritual Worlds

Media Kit

Variation in Print

American Graphic Art