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Heute Nacht geträumt

An exhibition by
Ruth Buchanan

GEGENWART / 19.03.–14.08.2022 / Curators: Maja Wismer, Len Schaller

From what point does the contemporary begin? Which documents say what? Where does my body belong? Will I come back? At the heart of the questions that shape Ruth Buchanan’s exhibition Heute Nacht geträumt at Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart is the desire to reconsider the paradigms under which museums might function today.

Museums have been asked to be many things over the centuries: they have housed artworks bought, gifted, and stolen; they have been institutions of beauty, pain, and inspiration. In many ways, they have been one of the spheres that combine the complexity of what it is to be a human in the world and a participant in the systems that form this same world.

At the center of Aotearoa New Zealand artist Ruth Buchanan’s practice are the spatio-political dimensions of organisational systems. She brings this lens to the Kunstmuseum Basel by deep-diving into its contemporary holdings. The collection, the building, the exhibition history, all become part of an engine of research that produce a reflection of the procedures that have shaped this institution. Buchanan’s museum-wide installation spans captioning systems all the way through to architectural intervention, encouraging a rethinking of how we participate in and shape public life.

Events for this exhibition




Kinderworkshop. Wir bauen an

Was für Räume fehlen im Kunstmuseum? Wofür braucht es mehr Platz? Gemeinsam nehmen wir den Raum vor dem Museum ein und bauen an. Mit diversen Materialien wie grossen Pappen, Kartons und Kreiden verändern und erweitern wir das Haus. Der Workshop findet ausnahmsweise vor dem Kunstmuseum Gegenwart statt. Alter: 7 bis 10 Jahre, Kosten: CHF 15, mit Familienpass CHF 10. Anmeldung via [email protected] bis Donnerstag, 23. Juni 2022. З українськім перекладом.




Führung in der Ausstellung «Heute Nacht geträumt»

Kosten: Eintritt + CHF 5