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Lena Maria Thüring

Manor Art Price Basel 2013

GEGENWART / 28.09.2013–05.01.2014 / Curator: Scott C. Weaver

The carefully crafted films of Lena Maria Thüring (*1981, Basel) are what she describes as a reflection upon social systems and their construc tions by way of individual stories. Her works demonstrate her fascination with the human experience, and specifically the narratives intertwined through memory, history and place. Thüring allows her protagonists’ stories to unfold and inform the structure of her films. Furthermore, the more compositional, or filmic possibilities of juxtaposition and contradiction contribute beautifully to her sensitive negotiation of complex subject matter. In Thüring’s lush and layered films, the relationship between language and image is paramount to her approach and production, providing plenty of space for multifarious narratives and metaphors to emerge.