ON. Flying Lotus, Aïsha Devi &
Laurel Halo

Summer Art Event

Date: Sa 15 juin 2019
Heure: 21–4 h

Early Bird (limité) CHF 45.-
VIP (limité) CHF 220.-

The Kunstmuseum Basel presents: ON - a night of live performance and music. The spirit of a world-renowned collection and the unique architecture that houses it combine to activate ON; the first of a new series of live events by the Kunstmuseum Basel. For one night, Christ and Gantenbein's spectacular Neubau will be transformed to become the unforgettable live stage for a unique interdisciplinary event showcasing the world's most forward-thinking acts and live artists.

Headlining the performers is American artist Flying Lotus, who mirrors the Kunstmuseum Basel’s approach by effortlessly traversing genres and art forms, showcasing music from his recently-released album, FLAMAGRA. Flying Lotus will be accompanied by the Swiss contemporary artist Aïsha Devi’s live set, Laurel Halo’s singular approach to DJing, as well as a live performance of Music From Memory’s leading ambient artists, Michal Turtle and Suso Saiz.

Framed by performances from Parco Palaz and Garcon, two cornerstones of the Basel electronicscene, ON’s carefully-curated programme will take you through the night on an powerful journey from mesmerising immersive performance to the electrifying peaks of contemporary electronic music. Taking place on Saturday of the Art Basel fair, ON promises a perfect culmination of the energy and excitement of one of the highlights of the global art community's calendar.

Concept and Creative Direction by Planisphere
Curated by Daniel Kurjaković, Kunstmuseum Basel
Art Direction by David Rudnick
Visuals by Ezra Miller
Soundsystem by Meyer Sound