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Collection Selection

GEGENWART / 01.06.–12.10.2008 / Commissaire : Nikola Dietrich

Parallel to the exhibition “Above-the Fold” the Museum für Gegenwartskunst is beginning a new series of exhibitions entitled “Collection Selection”.

The artists participating in the temporary exhibitions will be asked to choose a selection of works or just an individual work from either the collection of the Emanuel Hoffmann foundation or the Öffentliche Kunstsammlung, which will then be presented in a separate space of the museum or included as an integral part of the exhibition. The choice made by the artist and its staging within the space enable a quite different form of presentation and facilitate an altered approach to the, for the most part, well known works of the collections.

This interweaving of newly created works with those of the collections offers the possibility to incorporate the works of the collection into the flow of contemporary art currents and set them into constant movement. At the same time it is a means for disclosing fascinating references, artistic methods of appropriation and influences between fellow artists or making historical predecessors visible and putting them in relationship to one another.