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Etchings from the E.W. Kornfeld Collection

HAUPTBAU / 25.11.2005–25.02.2006 / Commissaire : Karin Althaus

The extraordinary variety in both subject matter and expressive technique that characterizes Rembrandt van Rijns (1606-1669) etchings, never ceases to astonish. Whether he represented historical scenes, landscapes, self-portraits, likenesses, genre scenes or nudes, he studied the specific potential of the medium in small or large formats, and in sketchy or meticulously detailed compositions. The Kupferstichkabinett shows the superb prints collected by Eberhard W. Kornfeld over a period of some 50 years. They illustrate Rembrandt's delight in experimentation which can result in the individual print having the quality of a unique work of art.