Tanzperformance im Neubau choreografiert von Javier Rodríguez Cobos

mit den Tänzern Sol Bilbao Lucuix, Raquel Rey Ramos, Frank Fannar Pedersen und Florent Mollet.

Statement vom Choreograph Javier Rodríguez Cobos:
«Even if we are centuries away from the creation of these paintings and the evolution of our society has changed enormously since, we can still stand in front of them and relate to the feelings, the pain, the seduction, the suffering, the desire, the faith, the power, the resignation, the vulnerability, and more than anything the beauty expressed in them. Our ability to relate indicates that we might still find the same rolls played in our society today.

As these paintings talk to each other and we have our own privet conversation with them, we also talk about them and they also get talked about.

In the midst of all of these conversations, the dialogue gets taken further into movement and what is left is not what we see but what we feel when we watch the paintings.»


Tanzperformance im Neubau, Foyer UG

18:30 Uhr

Führung in der Ausstellung ¡Hola Prado! mit dem Choreographen Javier Rodríguez Cobos und den Kunstvermittlern Katharina Georgi und Andreas Jahn.

18.50 Uhr


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