30 avr. 2020

#52 Museums and sustainability

How sustainable is a closed museum? A contribution by director Josef Helfenstein.

28 avr. 2020

#50 Chagall's "Jew in Green"

Karl Im Obersteg was one of the most important early Chagall collectors in the West and contributed significantly to Basel's attachment to the artist. Their story is told in the catalogue to the exhibition "Picasso, Chagall, Jawlensky".

23 avr. 2020

#44 Artworks in the bzBasel

The series "Kunst in der bz" is a joint project of the newspaper bzBasel with the Kunstmuseum Basel and Kunsthaus Baselland. Today, Franziska Furter has been invited by us to present her work "Korona 2020".

21 avr. 2020

#42 Gerhard Richter's Motorboat

Masterpieces from our collection, in a nutshell: this is what our practical collection guide offers. Among the numerous works described is Gerhard Richter's "Motorboat".

07 avr. 2020

#24 Luminous Figures

Hans Holbein the Younger was not only one of the most important painters of the Renaissance, he also created numerous preparatory drawings for stained glass. More information can be found in the catalogue of the exhibition "Lichtgestalten".

24 mars 2020

#9 Alexej von Jawlensky's "Abstract Head"

The story of the lifelong friendship between collector Karl Im Obersteg and Alexej von Jawlensky is just one of the stories that is told in the catalogue to the exhibition "Picasso, Chagall, Jawlensky".

19 mars 2020

#4 On the Global Economy of Inequality

A reading recommendation: The reader for our exhibition "Circular Flow".