20 mai 2020

The Kunstmuseum Basel’s collections comprise ca. 4,000 paintings, sculptures, videos, and works of installation art, as well as the ca. 300,000 drawings and prints from seven centuries held by the Kupferstichkabinett. Every year, these inspire thousands of visitors, old and young. Two of them present their favourite works from the collection here.

1. Name and role at the Kunstmuseum Basel
Frederik Reinhard and Ada Luise Krajewski, eight years old

2. Job description
Frederik: I am a visitor and once I was a model for a photo shoot in front of the big "Hodler" artwork at the Kunstmuseum.
Ada: visitor

3. My favourite
Frederik: Robert Delaunay, Hommage à Blériot, 1914
Ada: Ferdinand Hodler, View Into Infinity, 1913/14–1916

4. Why?
Frederik: Because I like the beautiful colors, the Eiffel tower and all the rainbows.
Ada: That was the first picture we looked at with my class when we visited the Kunstmuseum. At that time we had the topic art and spent a lot of time in the museum. I think the colours and the way of painting are very nice, especially the background. Besides, I can't imagine how someone could have painted such a big picture! I couldn't do that, you would have to be able to fly over the canvas. I like the fact that the five women actually look as if they were looking into infinity.

Credit: Robert Delaunay, Hommage à Blériot, 1914, Leimtempera auf Leinwand, 250 x 251 cm, Kunstmuseum Basel.
Credit: Ferdinand Hodler, View into Infinity, 1913/14-1916, oil on canvas, 446 x 895 cm, Kunstmuseum Basel, closed from the contract with the Basler Kunstverein 1927.