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Info about the construction site "Parking Kunstmuseum"

In March 2019, the start signal was given for the construction of the "Parking Kunstmuseum". Since 18 May 2020, construction phase II has been underway (until around summer 2021). This has various effects on the access to the Kunstmuseum Basel:

The tram station "Kunstmuseum" will not be served, the tram traffic will be single-lane or temporarily completely closed. Visitors can reach the Kunstmuseum from the Bankverein, from Rittergasse or via Dufourstrasse.
The St. Alban-Graben is closed for motor traffic during construction phase II.
The lane towards Wettsteinplatz is open for bicycles; the direction to the SBB railway station is closed.

Restrictions will be announced at short notice on the social media channels of the Kunstmuseum (Facebook, Twitter) and on the website.

The security of the artworks in the Kunstmuseum Basel will be guaranteed during the construction period, among other things by the installation of additional vibration meters in the gallery rooms. However, noise emissions are to be expected.

Further information about the "Parking Kunstmuseum" can be found on their website.