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The catalog is no longer in use. The user account can still be viewed until March 31, 2021.

Library catalogs International

Karlsruhe Virtual Catalog (KVK):

Meta-catalog of the large German-language library catalogs, and numerous international library catalogs.


Comprehensive world library catalog featuring over 1 billion titles in more than 10,000 different libraries

ZDB journal database:

Provides holding information on journals in German and Austrian libraries

Electronic resources


Specialist databases of the University of Basel library (History of Art Department):

Bibliographical databases (article searches), artist encyclopedias, reference works etc.

Electronic journals

Electronic journals of the University of Basel library (History of Art Department
Licensed and freely accessible electronic full text journals in the University of Basel library


E-books in the holdings of the University of Basel library (History of Art Department)

Access to the electronic media:

Members of the University of Basel (students and employees) can also access the media from outside the university.


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