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YARD 2023

Let's celebrate art! In the middle of the week, YARD invites you to the courtyard of Kunstmuseum Basel to round off Wednesday evenings with fantastic music. ADMISSION FREE OF CHARGE.

From 5 p.m.–8 p.m., the collection can be visited free of charge.
On selected dates, YARD presents artists between indie pop and electronic as well as DJ sets with sounds across the sound cosmos.

Dates & Acts
Concert: 8.30 p.m.
DJ: 7 p.m.

14. Juni: Sandro P // Schwifi (DJ) (Museum nur bis 18 Uhr geöffnet)
21. Juni: Twerking Class Heroes (DJ)
28. Juni: Soft Loft
5. Juli: The Entertainer (DJ)
12. Juli: Bon Enfant // Alt & Herr (DJ)
19. Juli: ieva (DJ)
26. Juli: Schwifi (DJ)
2. August: Mafou (Somatic Rituals) (DJ)
9. August: Birdmask // The Entertainer (DJ)
16. August: Audio Dope // bestBoi (DJ)
23. August: Choufleur // Mimosa (DJ)
30. August: Malummí // Agent Disko (DJ)


The mask has long since fallen and Manuel Gagneux, the brain behind Birdmask, is known thanks to Zeal & Ardor. His mix of African-American roots music with black metal, which is now celebrated worldwide, started out as an experiment. Nevertheless, the fluke is typical for the art of the Basel-based multi-instrumentalist. The fear of repetition and boredom always drives Gagneux to new songs and projects between melodic chamber pop and edgy noise. What did the musical experimentalist choose for today?

Bon Enfant

Rooted in the expansive psychedelic pop of the 70s, the self-titled superheroes from Quebec drift through their phantasmagoric musical cosmos and invite you to dance over the rainbow with a charming s'il vous plaît, on a colored picnic blanket in the flower field - or in the colorfully lit courtyard of Kunstmuseum Basel.

Sandro P

"Laisser-faire" is the driving force of Sandro Corbat's troupe. The virtuoso musicians have emancipated themselves from the dim sound of 70s soft eroticism à la "Emanuelle" and found their own stlye, sometimes gentle, sometimes wilder, but mostly sexy - oh la la.

Soft Loft

Soft Loft is non-hierarchical, the songs a safe space for troubled souls and a safe haven for all people with a heart for indie pop with fine melancholy, open to sympathy or indulgence - depending on your mood. Or as the band itself writes: Vulnerability is the key to mutual connection. Everything is allowed, as long as it comes from the heart and you let it flow.

Audio Dope

The infinite expanse of the beat universe was far more familiar to audio dope than the stage world. From the pleasant anonymity of his studio, the Basel-based producer built up a global fan base who soon wanted to experience his harmonious instrumentals from organic samples and soft beats live. And now, after features with various singers, the introverted artist even makes his own voice part of his sound cosmos.


Malummí play music with pop appeal, but detached from classical structures. Drums, guitar and synths meander freely from intimate to full intensity, giving space to the songs. They are contoured by the voice of Larissa Rapold. The hauntingly sung spirits are part of her, of us and of the environment in which we all live, love and suffer together. On the organic musical breeding ground of the Basel trio, spherical spirituality sprouts that gets under your skin.

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