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Continuation of the workshop series on digital worlds in the museum

For those who want to know how exhibitions, collections and art education work in a digital reality.

1st online / offline: What voices are being heard? Possibilities to expand spaces.
Saturday, September 17, 2022, 2-5pm, Main Building, Studio.
A workshop on the medium of podcast with Neo Seefried, freelance curator, mediator, copywriter.

The museum space seems to be clearly defined, including the fact that often only selected voices have the right to speak in the exhibition space.
In the workshop on the medium podcast we want to talk - with each other, about and with art, ask questions and tell our stories - take up space by speaking in the museum. The starting point is the special exhibition Picasso - El Greco.
Neo Seefried will explain the technical and editorial basics of podcast production. Afterwards, we will collect questions, stories and voices that could enhance the audio guide belonging to the exhibition. Together we will produce different contributions and attempt alternative and resistant narratives.

2nd online / offline: Hulda what? Using social media artistically and activistically.
Saturday, October 01, 2022, 2-5 p.m., Present, Foyer.**
A workshop on the potential of social media with Hulda Zwingli, influencer, multiple personality, art figure.

Hulda Zwingli multiplies and takes on a life of her own on Instagram. Her art form is the interrogation of the art world as an art figure. Identity and anonymity are her power.
Digital networking offers increasingly more opportunities to address political issues and conditions in society, to take a public stance, and to position oneself critically. The Internet has simplified political participation, but also made it opportune in a certain way: an online petition is quickly signed, a tweet quickly liked, a profile picture quickly changed. Is there such a thing as trust in this jekami in the jungle of propaganda, algorithms, manipulations and identities? Hulda persists and marvels at her impact.
In the context of the Fun Feminism exhibition, together we interrogate the institution and take a stand based on the work and guided by Hulda Zwingli.

3rd online / offline: Drops or Flopps?
Saturday, October 15, 2022, 2-5pm, Main Building, Studio.
A workshop on NFTs, their potential and promises with Milos Stolic, artist.

In recent years, digitization and new technological possibilities have brought about a turnaround in art collecting practices. What influence do these developments have on the world-famous collection of the Kunstmuseum Basel with works spanning eight centuries?
Together we want to explore the question of what NFTS are and how and where they are marketed or exhibited.
Will the promise of the democratization of art be realized? Who actually benefits? In the workshop we will create new NFTs together and discuss the sensual and aesthetic experience of art.

In collaboration with the Friends of the Kunstmuseum Basel.

All events are free of charge. Limited number of participants:inside.

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