Brice Marden’s Lines and Spaces: A Conversation about an Intercultural Translation in Progress

Wednesday, June 1, 2022

In this Zoom panel curator Kelly Montana and artist Kurt Chan will explore a transcultural dimension in Brice Marden’s art, taking "calligraphy" and the Cold Mountain series as a starting point. The conversation will delve into Eastern (Chinese) and Western (American) ideas on drawing and painting, culturally specific ways of understanding notions like line, space, energy and physicality. They will discuss the Zen notions of ‘emptiness and ‘naturalness’ both from East-Asian and Western cultural perspectives. Independent curator Angelika Li, Hong Kong/Basel, will moderate the conversation. Introduction by Josef Helfenstein, director, Kunstmuseum Basel, and welcome note by Daniel Kurjaković, curator of programs, Kunstmuseum Basel.

In English, free participation

Brice Marden. Inner Space

To retrace the evolution of Brice Marden’s art up to his most recent works, the exhibition Inner Space gathers 104 works on paper and eight paintings from the Kunstmuseum Basel’s holdings and Swiss and international lenders.