Archive of Emotions

10-part series of video conversations between Dorian Sari and guests

A video interview series in 10 episodes on the occasion of the exhibition Dorian Sari. Post-Truth.

In times of anger, violence and post-truth, Dorian Sari’s Archive of Emotions amounts to an antidote to widespread social passivity and hopelessness. In a series of ten conversations with noted artists, curators and creatives, the artist unearths layers of emotional response and vulnerability to our present times. With the Archive of Emotions, Sari engages in an intimate form of critical thinking to give language to unspoken truths.

"In this art project, I invite artists, curators and creatives in front of the camera to discuss questions regarding this difficult period of time that humankind and nature presently struggle with. In the context of the exhibition ‘’Post-truth’’ an artist book titled “Texts on: Post-Truth, Violence, Anger” will be published. I share my thoughts, observations and personal experiences in relation to various subjects, from domestic violence to political hate propaganda, from mass-media manipulation to islamophobia. I believe that the antidote to Post-truth is truth-telling, hence, storytelling and showing human vulnerability, disclosing personal stories, and reflect upon how each of us deals with post-truth, violence and anger.

One of the core reasons to engage artists and curators in conversations in front of the camera is also to show solidarity in this difficult time. Art and its institutions remain distanced from the public by the imposed measurements. I believe we shouldn’t stop sharing art, artistic creativity, and most importantly critical thinking. Coming together and sharing our positions will not only give the art community hope, it will also be the occasion for the guests to share their views, to show that art is not a luxury item and is necessary, maybe even more than any other time. »


Hannah Weinberger
Hannah Weinberger is a multi-disciplinary artist, lives and works in Basel. She is a recipient of the Swiss Art Awards (2019); Kiefer Hablitzel prize (2017); the Dr. Georg and Josi Guggenheim Prize (2016).

Maja Wismer
Maja Wismer is Head of the Kunstmuseum Basel | Gegenwart

Sophie Jung
Sophie Jung (lives in London and Basel) works across text, sculpture and performance, navigating the politics of re/re/representation and challenging the selective silencing that happens by concluding. She is a recipient of the Manor Kunstpreis Basel (2019); Swiss Art Awards (2019).

Ines Goldbach
Ines Goldbach is the director of Kunsthaus Baselland.

Katrin Grögel
Katrin Grögel is Co-Head of the Department of Culture of the Canton of Basel-Stadt.

Latifa Echakhch
Latifa Echakhch is a Moroccan-French visual artist living and working in Switzerland. She won the Marcel Duchamp Prize in 2013. She is representing Swiss Pavillion in the Venice Biennale in 2022.

Övül Durmusoglu
Övül Ö. Durmusoglu is a curator, writer, and educator living in Berlin. As a curator, she acts between exhibition-making and public programming, singular languages and collective energies, worldly immersion, and political cosmologies.

PRICE was born in Rio de Janeiro and lives and works in Zürich. For him, performance – including the rigors of rehearsal and physical discipline – provides a necessary corrective at a moment when the Internet has enhanced the cultural dominance of the image. He studied at the Gerrit Rietveld Academy Amsterdam before receiving an MA Performing Arts and Theater from HKB, Bern in 2015.

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